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Terms & Polices

Terms of Service

The “Terms and Policies” written hereafter imply the “Information Liability Policy”, “Terms of Service”, “Privacy & Internet Data Policy”, and “Refund and Exchange Policy”. The Terms and Policies render the interaction between anyone, Jeff Seid, Jeffseid LLC, the services provide from Jeff Seid LLC, Guide to Aesthetics, and guidetoaesthetics.com.

Information Liability Policy

Guide to Aesthetics is information purveyed from Jeff Seid and Jeff Seid LLC. The information in the book is biographical and the shared methodology and practice of Jeff Seid. The information is purveyed in regards to the implemented methods from the Guide to Aesthetics and the promotion of wellbeing based on experiences from Jeff Seid. Any possible liability from reading and/or practicing the methodology and practice of Guide to Aesthetics shall in no way implicate Jeff Seid, Jeff Seid LLC, Guide to Aesthetics, and guidetoaesthetics.com.

Privacy & Internet Data Policy

Industry standard practices are applied in the implementation of the services from Jeff Seid LLC and the transaction process from the sale of the products from Jeff Seid LLC. Internet data is in use for the overall service and functions of the services provided from Jeff Seid LLC and the Interaction between the interactor(s) and guidetoaesthetics.com. Monetary transactions are processed through encrypted methods. Data from guidetoaesthetics.com and/or third parties is implemented with all interaction with guidetoaesthetics.com. All data in regards to Jeff Seid, Jeff Seid LLC, Guide to Aesthetics, and guidetoaesthetics.com is exclusively retained with Jeff Seid.

Refund and Exchange Policy

All products from Jeff Seid LLC are non-refundable. Product exchanges are considered only 24 hours from arrival of the product using the contact page to make a request.